Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Barrett's Commercial

The commercial is ready!  I've heard from several friends who've seen it on TV (shout out to Sydney and Sharon) although I haven't seen it air myself.  BUT, it is on the TV station's website.  I am not savvy enough to figure out how to post the actual video on the blog, but you can go to this website to see Barrett's Children's Hospital commercial!  Just click on "Barrett" in the video gallery.  If you click the square on the bottom right of the video screen, it makes it bigger.
I'm a total cheeseball, so don't listen to me, just look at the cute baby.  And they didn't edit out his hiccups after all, I love it~

I also found another video on the hospital's website.  If you want to see it too, click on "Hope -- A Day in the Life of Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital."  I thought this one was very moving...Barrett is not the baby in the beginning of this video, but he had some of the same procedures (intubation) and they are performed by the same doctors and nurses that treated in PICU and his cardiologist.


  1. You two looked like pro's! Who knew we would have movie stars in our family!

  2. What a great commercial! You both look so great! I can't wait to catch it on TV.

  3. You did GREAT! And you both look fantastic! I am so proud!!! Barrett's hiccup is precious! And he's smiling and looking soooo cute. I didn't think you were a cheeseball at all. I wish I were as cool as you! :)~