Friday, February 5, 2010


Guess what Barrett did for the first time this morning??

He rolled over without any help! Yay! He mastered the mini-push up a while back but hadn't seemed interested in actually flipping over. We practice during morning tummy time and today he went for it~ the best part is that both Kristopher and I were there to witness it :)

He has also been busy jumping in his bouncer...

and catching up on his Blackberry email. Notice the look of extreme concentration. Must be business.


  1. He's a genius!! Vera has ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in rolling over! I am not sure what to do! Now we really have to amp up the tummy time!

  2. Yeah Barrett!! Sounds like a big week at the Klar house! I love the one with his tongue stuck out! Such a silly boy!!

  3. Now THAT's a happy little face! You know he's having fun with his tongue sticking out. Before you know it he will be whirling over and over. Guess we can't put him in the middle of the bed now . . . . Grandpa and I are sooo looking forward to next week!

  4. that's great! aaron rolled around 4 mo then after a week of it he quit altogether. he is finally doing it again - 7 mo - as of yesterday.