Thursday, February 11, 2010

Be Still My Heart

Yesterday, I had the crazy idea to paint the baby's hands and feet to make special Valentines. Well, you can imagine how that turned out...(I couldn't take any pictures because my hands were full trying to minimize the babe's flailing limbs and ensuing paint EVERYWHERE). Anyway. While I had the paint out, I took these pics:

I love it, even though I am fully aware of the cheesy-ness factor.

We're getting into the Valentine's spirit~ I think the paint debacle was worth it, because the handprints and footprints are so sweet, even if somewhat smudged by the wiggling. I'll try to do it again next year so I can see how his hands and feet have grown.


  1. Oh, what an angel!!! I can't wait to give him lots and lots of "sugars" next week! And way to go, creative mom!!!!! I love the hand and foot prints!

  2. Love this! Can I steal the idea?
    what kind of paint did you use?

  3. Thanks y'all! This is our first arts and crafts project. By all means, feel free to do it too~~ I recommend painting only one hand/foot at a time and make those prints before you move on to the next hand/foot to try to control the mess a little (from getting paint on his head, face, other body parts..) Ha! Its just regular acrylic paint.