Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm Going to Need a Spreadsheet for This

Baby Barrett has an ear infection too! Oh no! This means more medicine, in addition to his heart medicines and cold remedies, that he takes at all different times. The main problem is that he coughs, coughs, and coughs, until he finally vomits. The vomiting makes his heart rate spike (200+ bpm) and presents a problem with him keeping his heart medicines down. BUT, he can't take any cough medicine to stop the cough (and eventual vomiting) because they contain stimulants that would trigger his heart. Tricky business. So, the doctors say to try OTC Delsym for now. If that doesn't work, codine (!).
In a nutshell, there are 5 different oral meds amounting to 14 doses daily. Whew. Talk about needing a spreadsheet to stay organized...
Kristopher is at the pharmacy picking up even MORE rx right now.

UPDATE: Barrett had chest x-rays this morning and he has PNEUMONIA. Poor little guy. This would explain why he seems to be getting worse and not better.


  1. I was going to suggest Delsym. Its what I take when I have a bad cough. It's got a great orange taste, so hopefully Barrett will like that. Hope all goes well. I'll be thinking about y'all.

  2. Thanks :) So far, he seems to be ok with the Delsym, but he thinks its fun to blow bubbles with the medicines so it is becoming a challenge!

  3. Poor little guy! I hope he gets to feeling better very very soon!

  4. Poor little buddy! I am so sorry! I know that has got to be stressful for you and Kristopher. Hope Barrett is on the mend quickly!! Have you tried Johnson and Johnson menthol bubble bath? Nathan loves to get baths with this when he has a cold- the warm water plus the menthol help to open him up!