Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Moo Year

Kristopher has been dying to go hunting ever since the season opened. So, we ended up spending New Years in Woodville so he could get in some QT with the great outdoors. As always, it was a blast~ We spent some time with Kristopher's brother and at the Hurst's. The Hursts have a cattle farm with lots of land to hunt and cows and horses, the whole shebang.

LOTS of cows

Barrett liked the hunting trip (well, we stayed inside the camp, but he seemed to like that)

Somehow, Kristopher's boots get muddier than Barrett's

Mama cow and brand-new baby calf. The picture is a little fuzzy because I didn't have much time. Notice the lack of fence between me and protective mama cow. She started making menacing moo sounds and I was out of there.

Happy New Year! Already looking sleepy on about 8p. I wish I could say we made it til midnight, but we didn't...


  1. OMG...I love those boots! Where did you find them? Beau really needs a pair for his next trip to Texas.

  2. Pretty adorable BCK! His cuteness factor keeps going up. He sure looks like he enjoys being in the woods. And tell Kelly that proud Grammy loves his boots too - cute idea to put them next to daddy's.