Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hair Club for Babies

I knew Barrett's hair was starting to fall out (in tiny little clumps sometimes) but I hadn't really realized HOW MUCH it was until I started organizing my pictures of him on my laptop. I was going back through and it is a pretty big difference!

Brand-new baby, snuggled up on daddy's chest, with a full head of hair.

Six weeks old, still going strong...

3 months old, with cousin Jen, starting to thin out around the back...

Almost 4 months, hair is pretty much gone...

Now at 4 months, peach fuzz is starting to grow in.


  1. That is just fantastic! Poor little guy- hairs falling out! I bet he does not even notice or care! He is so precious!

  2. Hey, it's okay . . . . I bet Barrett knows what they say about guys without much hair . . . the good-looking guys can pull it off. No problem! Right, Nathan???