Monday, January 4, 2010

Heart Check Up

Barrett went to the cardiologist this morning~ I always look forward to these appointments as a chance to get him all checked out and learn more information. Honestly, these visits also make me nervous as I start to think if/when the SVT will come back and the inevitable scary time when Barrett is taken off the medicines completely. He can't be on the meds forever because of bad side effects. So, the doctor will start to wean him off when Barrett is one year old -- SVT breakthroughs are more likely when the medicines are reduced (cringe). Anyway, one day at a time, right?

The doctor hooked Barrett up to a spiffy heart monitor that continuously monitors his heart rate for 24h and digitally records it into a little box. We bring the monitor back tomorrow, they download the info and evaluate it to see if he's having irregular rythmns or secretly going into SVT in the middle of the night (or anytime I don't happen to have a stethoscope to his chest). Yes, his SVT is sneaky like that... Fingers crossed for a good report.

Regardless of my worries, Barrett is becoming a pro with all the hoopla.

EKG? No problem.

Heart monitor? No problem.

Although there is a SLIGHT problem trying to figure out the warmest thing for him to wear when 1) it is COLD outside and 2) footie pjs are out because of all the cords and monitor. Hm.

UPDATE: We got the results from the heart monitor ~~~ SVT-free!! Alright!


  1. Awww . . . he has his little arms out like he is ready to give a big hug. What a champ! But I wonder . . how in the world does he sleep with that heart monitor recorder thing?

  2. Well, I ended up putting him in a sleep sack. That way, I could just drop the monitor in the bottom of the sack and zip it all in together. He didn't seem to mind sleeping with it but did NOT like having the sensor pads removed. Ouch.

  3. Rebecca, he is absolutely beautiful, and it looks like he handles everything like a pro. What a good baby!!