Sunday, December 20, 2009

Watch Out Martha Stewart!

Guess what?! I finished making my first scarf! I've been working on it since Thanksgiving, so this is a major accomplishment. I think I want to crochet a blanket next, but considering how long it took me to finish the scarf, maybe I should start now and aim to have it finished by next Christmas.

Here's Sassy curled up on the scarf (typical...)

And some pictures of the baby just because:

Singing "Holly Jolly Christmas" during bath time


  1. He looks like he loves his bath time! Such a happy little guy and so incredibly cute!

  2. I know that little Gingerbread Boy!! He looks like he might be saying "Hi Grammy!"
    And . . . . what is Sass doing curled up on MY new handmade scarf??? Pretty cute though . . .