Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rosetta, Mississippi

The morning after we got home from Birmingham, we packed up to visit Kristopher's grandparents and family for the day in Rosetta, Mississippi. Barrett is such a social butterfly, he loves meeting new people :) Kristopher's grandparents have a bunch of land up there and there's plenty of room to explore outside. I love being in Rosetta -- I remember when Kristopher and I first started dating, he brought me to Rosetta and I caught a fish, shot a gun, rode a four-wheeler, and drove a manual shift truck for the first time all in one day. It was a big day. Somehow, I bet Kristopher will teach Barrett all of those things BEFORE he is 19 so he doesn't end up a "city boy" like me. It was fun to visit with everyone and Barrett seemed to enjoy all of the attention, of course. Also, Barrett saw cows for the first time! I can't believe I forgot to pack his cowboy boots...

Granny and Grandaddy

Having a conversation with Aunt Bo

Hanging out in the jogging stroller

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