Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods...

We took baby Barrett on his longest trip yet -- all the way to Birmingham! He met my parents, sister and brother in law when they came to Baton Rouge after Barrett was born (and again while he was in ICU), but there were more Birmingham friends and family to meet. I was a little worried about the long drive, but thankfully, Barrett loves to ride in the car and slept most of the way. When we got there, Grammy and Grandpa were all ready for us and helped us settle is amazing how many things such a little person needs for only two nights! It was a relaxing trip -- we stayed home and lots of visitors came to see the baby. Barrett loved all of the attention and cooed on demand :) (well, not ALL the time, but he did enjoy all of the snuggling). Here's a few pics~

Grandmom, Barrett's great grandmother

Jessica, Barrett's aunt

Kim, Barrett's aunt

Cousin Jen

Kristopher and Nathan, Jen's little boy

Nathan was not too happy watching his mama hold another baby at first but he warmed up. I hope that Nathan and Barrett are friends like Jen and I always were~

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