Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh no...

The day after we came home from ICU, Barrett was fussy so I decided to try out our handy dandy new stethoscope to check his heart rate.  After several tries, I kept counting it as over 200 (200, 230, 240...).  I wasn't sure if I was counting correctly and couldn't believe this could already be happening again.  I called Kristopher; he came home immediately and tried to check the heart rate too.  After the heart rate didn't go back down when he stopped crying, we took him to the ER at the advice of the cardiologist.  His heart rate was 258 -- he was in SVT again.  Just like last time, a whole team of doctors and nurses hovered over our tiny baby to try to get an IV line to administer the medicine to break the SVT.  They couldn't get an IV in his little veins, so dunked him upside down in a bucket of ice water to break the SVT.  After this didn't work, they sent him straight to the pediatriac ICU where the doctors and nurses specialize in tiny veins.  Thank goodness, Ashley, an ICU nurse, finally got an IV in his foot and they injected the drug to stop the SVT.  Barrett's heart rate returned to normal...until he broke into SVT again, and the entire process started over again.  Barrett was in SVT six times that night, lasting over seven hours.  It felt like hell on earth to helplessly watch this happening over and over to our baby and Kristopher and I could hardly stand it.

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