Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back at Home

We are home from the ICU, hopefully for good this time!  It is scary to be without the monitors and Kristopher and I have checked him with the stethoscope at least a dozen times each already...but it is good to be home.Barrett goes to see the cardiologist in the morning for a checkup and more tests.  After his appointment is over, the doctor asked if Barrett could participate in a promotional marketing segment for the hospital -- he'll be famous!  The segment will show the cardiologist treating Barrett and giving him an echocardiogram, etc.  In the meantime, we're settling into a routine at home.  Here's a few pictures from his first "real" bath in the whale tub.  He really seems to like the water~  The bright red marks are left over from the heart monitor sensor pads they used in the ICU.  Ouch :(

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  1. Hi Rebecca & Kristopher & Barrett ~
    I love your new blog and am happy that I can keep up with Barrett's happenings and recent photos! He is beautiful and has already changed since I last saw him. Grandpa is signed up now too and will post comments but asked me to say, "We love you." And kiss his boo boos for me.
    Love, Grammy