Monday, December 21, 2009

Dance Lessons

We've been practicing in the backyard~~ Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Watch Out Martha Stewart!

Guess what?! I finished making my first scarf! I've been working on it since Thanksgiving, so this is a major accomplishment. I think I want to crochet a blanket next, but considering how long it took me to finish the scarf, maybe I should start now and aim to have it finished by next Christmas.

Here's Sassy curled up on the scarf (typical...)

And some pictures of the baby just because:

Singing "Holly Jolly Christmas" during bath time

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wait, Where Did You Go??

You probably can't see them because they blend in so well with the tree, but if you turn your head to the side and squint you can see....Kristopher and Barrett!
Yes, that's right, Barrett already has his own camo. And can you tell how proud Kristopher is about that?

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We took Barrett to meet Santa ~ I guess it was a hit because he didn't cry (despite the long wait and lack of nap). However, Barrett was much more interested in all the lights at Santa's North Pole winter wonderland than Santa himself.

By the way, did you know you can get a letter from the North Pole? You just mail the letter in an envelope addressed to the child, and the postmaster at the North Pole will mail it back to you so it has a "North Pole" return address. Pretty neat! I can show it to him when he's older :) I wrote Barrett's "letter from Santa" with my left hand so he wouldn't detect my handwriting...sneaky, huh? My parents did that for me and my sister when we were little. This is the address:
North Pole Holiday Cancellation, Postmaster
4141 Postmark Drive
Anchorage, AK 99530-9998

Here's some pictures from the visit with Santa -- I think this is how the conversation went:

Santa: Hi baby Barrett! What do you want for Christmas?
Barrett: Oohh...look at those blinky lights over there!

Santa: Wait, Barrett, you need to look over here for the picture. Smile!
Elf #1: (repeatedly calling Barrett's name to get him to look at the camera, shaking sleigh bells at him, and kind of giving me the stink eye for taking pictures with my own camera)
Mrs. Claus: Santa, you just turn sideways so the baby is facing forward.
Elf #1: (more bell shaking and name calling)
End result --

Whoa Baby!

Guess what?! Last night Barrett slept the night in his crib in the nursery for the very first time! This is a big step (for both him AND me...) ~ he had been sleeping in his cradle in our room until now. We were slowly getting him ready to sleep in the crib by putting him down in there for afternoon naps. Happily, the transition went off without a hitch.
There was just a little crying (me, not him) but I could see him all night thanks to the nifty video monitor. We had the angel montior on him too of this
one! An alarm on the monitor goes off if the baby stops breathing for 30 seconds; it is supposed to help prevent SIDS. It went off SIX TIMES the night he had SVT. We didn't know about the SVT then of course, so we thought it was just malfunctioning because every time it went off, we jumped up to check him and he was breathing again. Turns out, he really stopped breathing for over 30 seconds six times that night. I still can't believe how close we were to something bad and how grateful I am that everything is better now!)
Anyway, the angel monitor now gives me peace of mind.
Sleeping the night in his crib is a big step. He's growing up already, I can't believe it!

This picture is from Barrett's in-crib vantage point. His little stuffed animals are lined up at the foot of the crib.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We are all into the Christmas season around here, carols pretty much 24/7. I half way expect Barrett's first words to be "ho ho ho" or "fa la la la la" ... okay, maybe not, but it sure is fun watching him smile and laugh when I sing to him.

We tried to get a picture in front of the Christmas tree, but it is pretty hard to get 2 grown-ups, a baby, and a dog all looking at the camera at the same time...

Barrett did not seem overly impressed by the Baton Rouge snow, but he did wear his snowflake overalls for the occasion.

And he's still mesmerized by the Christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Strike a Pose!

Barrett and I went to visit Kelly in Covington to meet baby Beau~ While we were there, Kelly, master photographer, took some shots of Barrett for his birth announcements. Here's a sneak peek of some of my favorites. Thanks Kelly!

Barrett and his new friend, Beau

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I'm not one to wait around to get excited about Christmas, so we went tree shopping the day after Thanksgiving! Yay!! We picked out a nice fat tree (no skinny trees here) in about 10 minutes, flat. Record time for sure. We are pup-sitting Jed, the smartest dog in the world (sorry Sass, but it's true...), so we brought him along for the ride. The scrooges at the tree lot wouldn't let him roam among the trees, but I think Jed got in the Christmas spirit anyway.
We got the tree home and decorated without any major happenings. Barrett is transfixed by all of the lights on the tree, we might have to leave it up year round :)

Jed, in the truck bed with the tree

Gobble, Gobble

After all of the hype and visiting, it's finally Thanksgiving! We stayed in Baton Rouge and had Thanksgiving at Kristopher's aunt and uncle's house, with lots of family and cousins. Delicious food (two chefs in the family!) and so much fun~ Next year, Barrett will have two new cousins to play with -- due only 3 weeks apart! We can't wait :)

They say the turkey makes you sleepy, but what's his excuse?

Rosetta, Mississippi

The morning after we got home from Birmingham, we packed up to visit Kristopher's grandparents and family for the day in Rosetta, Mississippi. Barrett is such a social butterfly, he loves meeting new people :) Kristopher's grandparents have a bunch of land up there and there's plenty of room to explore outside. I love being in Rosetta -- I remember when Kristopher and I first started dating, he brought me to Rosetta and I caught a fish, shot a gun, rode a four-wheeler, and drove a manual shift truck for the first time all in one day. It was a big day. Somehow, I bet Kristopher will teach Barrett all of those things BEFORE he is 19 so he doesn't end up a "city boy" like me. It was fun to visit with everyone and Barrett seemed to enjoy all of the attention, of course. Also, Barrett saw cows for the first time! I can't believe I forgot to pack his cowboy boots...

Granny and Grandaddy

Having a conversation with Aunt Bo

Hanging out in the jogging stroller

Thursday, November 26, 2009

But I'm NOT a Blue Dot!!

I have a sweet and wonderful sister is, well...a DEMOCRAT. Apparently, she's already trying to assert her policitcal persuasion on baby Barrett because she gave him a bib that says "I'm a bright blue dot." (this means that he is a democrat (ie, blue) in a sea of republicans (ie, red))
I was a good sport and let Barrett wear the bib, but apparently, he disagrees with Jessica because this was his reaction:

I didn't even pinch him to make him cry, he did it all on his own. I'm so proud :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods...

We took baby Barrett on his longest trip yet -- all the way to Birmingham! He met my parents, sister and brother in law when they came to Baton Rouge after Barrett was born (and again while he was in ICU), but there were more Birmingham friends and family to meet. I was a little worried about the long drive, but thankfully, Barrett loves to ride in the car and slept most of the way. When we got there, Grammy and Grandpa were all ready for us and helped us settle is amazing how many things such a little person needs for only two nights! It was a relaxing trip -- we stayed home and lots of visitors came to see the baby. Barrett loved all of the attention and cooed on demand :) (well, not ALL the time, but he did enjoy all of the snuggling). Here's a few pics~

Grandmom, Barrett's great grandmother

Jessica, Barrett's aunt

Kim, Barrett's aunt

Cousin Jen

Kristopher and Nathan, Jen's little boy

Nathan was not too happy watching his mama hold another baby at first but he warmed up. I hope that Nathan and Barrett are friends like Jen and I always were~

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's Up Doc?

Barrett went to the cardiologist this morning for a check up and his heart is looking good!  Normally, they weigh him and do his EKG first thing, which require him to be undressed.  Well, he HATES being naked because he gets cold (and he is modest too, I think~).  Today, I dressed him in lots of layers with his snuggly blanket outfit on top so he would be extra toasty before and we could wrap him up quickly afterward.  It worked!  He cooperated very well.  He weighed in at 11lb 0.7oz, so he is gaining weight like a champ. His EKG still shows possible signs of a predisposition to heart excitement, but his echocardiogram measured his ejection fraction in the normal range which means his heart is beating properly! Yay! No signs of SVT! Who-hoo!!
Getting his EKG

Kristopher held Barrett during the echocardiogram

Dr. Brumund, Barrett's pediatriac
cardiologist and hero :)

Happy Birthday Sassy!

Yesterday was Sassy's birthday ~ she is four years old! Poor Sass has taken a back seat to baby Barrett, so we tried to make it up to her with a birthday banner and special birthday dinner (it was a doggie entre, pork tenderloin flavor...she was in heaven!) She also was groomed on her birthday and got pretty red bows, which she immediately scratched out. Oh well. Anyway, Sassy is such a good dog and has been a very good sport about having less attention than normal these days. Happy Birthday Sassy!

Sassy, the weekend we got her four years ago

Sassy with her birthday banner

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine!

We've been trying hard to establish a routine (being in the hospital for 2 weeks really got him off track...) So, we wake him up at the same time every morning and feed him at the same times every day, to the extent he'll cooperate! It turns out, he likes being an early riser~ here are some pictures from the other morning.
Being sweet and cuddly

Being happy

Being silly

Laughing at mama trying to make him laugh

Yawn! Time for another nap...

Gone Country

We went to Woodville this weekend. This was Barrett's first true trip to "the country" aside from Kevin's wedding weekend in Natchez (It was beautiful~ wedding pictures to come!) Like his daddy, Barrett seemed to love being outdoors and riding around the land in the truck. From the front porch, we watched Kevin and Kristopher trim some trees and do tractor work and even took a turn in the hammock. Everything seems more relaxed out there, we had a great time!
Barrett, in his cowboy boots

Kevin drove the tractor while Kristopher got in the bucket to cut down tree limbs