Friday, April 4, 2014

Pretty as a Picture

Jenny made a special dress for Charlotte as a pattern test for her Love-Me-Knots design.  Such a sweet gift from a sweet friend!  And I love the pictures of Little Miss modeling the dress and picking flowers :)

TOT: Teams of Tomorrow!!

Barrett's basketball team got to perform during the halftime of an LSU basketball game!!

Of course we had to go visit Mike the Tiger's habitat and statue on the way into the game.  ROAR!!

He's been practicing at basketball each Friday, and now its time for the big show :)

See what I did there??  With the helpful arrows??
Who said I wasn't tech-savvy?  That kind of editing brings this blog into the 90s.

Although the LSU arena was a lot to take in for the 3 year old sports superstars, it was adorable to watch them do their own version dribbles, spins, and tricks to their music.  What they lack in skill, they make up for in enthusiasm, and obvious cuteness. 

Geaux TOTs!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Charlotte Turns Two!

Our sweet little buttercup is TWO!!!

 On her actual birthday, we made a special trip to the Dollar Store for a whole loaf of duck bread, so she could feed the ducks and geese to her heart's content. 

You sure look a lot bigger close-up, Mrs. Goose
We also had a bunny party to celebrate the occasion, themed in honor of her best friend: a stuffed bunny named Baboo.  The bunny started out as "Jellybean," after the little jellybeans on her jaunty pink ribbon, but Charlotte insisted her name was Baboo.  (I guess, her version of "baby"...??)  Anyway, it stuck.  And Baboo is now a treasured member of the family.
On R: Original Baboo.  Yes, she is clean, she just has a perma-gray tint now.  It's from all the love and kisses she's absorbed.
On L: Back-up Baboo.  After we realized how attached she was, we desperately searched for a back-up and Micah's mom saved the day!!  See how she is fluffy and white?  And her ribbon is still pink??  Although Charlotte will tolerate "new Baboo" she will NOT accept the substitute (even when real Baboo is in the wash).  Hmm.

Pink bunny cupcakes with cotton candy tails

Pink bunny cake, with ill-advised placement of front paws. 
After the party started, it was brought to my attention that the bunny appears to have boobs.  Whoops.  You think I would have been more careful about that, after the unfortunate incident involving Barrett's beach ball cake...
 Everyone had a great time~~  Even though the birthday girl was a little shy at first when there were lots of people in our house, she warmed up, especially when she realized she got her very own cake.  Barrett, of course, loves having family and friends over to play -- the more, the better -- and is already planning his next birthday party.  :)
 Happy Birthday sweet girl!!  We love you~~~

Guess Who Got a New Pair of Boots??

Hold on to your boots, baby! 
Cowboy Barrett might have outgrown his last pair of boots (most frequently seen paired with shorts, during the summer months.  That's how cowboys roll at the playground.  and preschool.  and the grocery store.  and church.  Really, an all-around footwear choice.) These are brand spanking new and ready to get muddy!

Hands down, his favorite kicks~~  Versatile, apparently, goes with every outfit.  Equally suitable for stomping, jumping in puddles, and insisting that they be worn to church or any other semi-dressy event (??!?!) 
Added bonus: can easily be removed, even while buckled into your car seat, to pour out pesky sand from the sandbox into the bottom of mama's car.

I think he likes them~

Thanks, Grammy and Grandpa!

Little Helpers

So, Charlotte is still into this:

In case you can't tell, she gets into the powdered sugar and sprinkles it around on the floor.  So cute, right??  Yeah, I didn't think so either. 

But, at least I have some tiny helpers who somehow think its FUN to pitch in and clean! 

Sounds great to me!!! 

Don't anyone dare tell them that this is not universally considered as a desirable task...I'm planning to build on this...who can clean the most places?  who can wipe the most smudges off the windows?  who can make their bed the fastest?

They are very willing to pitch in with the laundry too.  I'm not gonna lie, there is a learning I painstakingly hand them every single item individually to go from the washer to the dryer.  "Slow down mama!  I'm not done putting in this sock yet!  Okay....  now I'm ready for the other sock."

Regardless, you have to start somewhere, right??

Although we need to work on fraternizing between the helpers.  And also a few workplace harassment issues...
"Hey Charlotte!  Let's hug!  Squeeze!!!!"
"What's the matter??  No hugs??"
"Okay.  That's fine.  I can just help mama by myself, then."

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bath time babies

Maybe it is hereditary?? 
For me, there is very little in the world than can't be soothed by a long soak in the tub....
Turns out, Barrett loves getting in "the big tub" too, especially if we turn on the jets to make the bubbles really fizz up.

Charlotte isn't so sure yet -- she particularly does NOT like the jets, although I have faith that she'll come around.  It's in her genes, after all.  Both kiddos refer to "daddy's shower" and "mama's tub" in our master bathroom.  I guess they have the drill down? relaxing

And a kiss for Charlotte!  Night, night!

Blast from the Past

Whoa, baby! 
It's been over a year....I know, I know, there's nothing I can say to make it better. 
BUT!  With baby #3 due in a few weeks, I'm determined to catch up our "electronic scrapbook" a bit.  To try to keep it chronological, I'll be blogging about things that happened forever ago.  Even though they are dated, I still want to have our family record of the milestones :) and hopefully can get current soon.
Buckle up!!